After 5 years of inspiring and empowering students through Swing Dance, Swing for Kids is dissolving as a 501c3 nonprofit. We would like to thank our donors, board members, and partner schools for all of their support throughout the years. Because of you, we were able to make a difference in the lives of more than 2,000 kids in Chicago.


Swing for Kids is a Chicago nonprofit that builds happy kids, successful schools, and stronger communities. Through our research-backed, social-emotional curriculum, we deliver high quality swing dance instruction to our communities. Since its founding in 2014, Swing for Kids has inspired and empowered over 1,000 kids in Chicago!

Kids need the opportunity to move, people to motivate them, and fun ways to gain powerful new skills in school. Swing for Kids inspires and empowers students through Swing Dance. Your donations help ensure that Swing for Kids can provide low and no-cost programming to Chicago’s most vulnerable youth.

Children who participate in Swing for Kids learn to cooperate with their classmates to reduce the likelihood that behavior problems distract from teaching and learning. Young participants also gain valuable prosocial skills like effective communication, empathy, goal setting, conflict resolution, and collaboration. They also develop body awareness while learning about the history and social fabric that gave birth to this great American tradition.

"I love seeing the connections kids make between their lives now and the lives of others. Seeing the kids work hard, and take pride in their accomplishments is so satisfying."

- Nicolle, Lead Instructor