Fundraiser of the Year - 2016 & 2017

Ismene Potakis

Ismene has been a supporter of Swing for Kids since it's founding. She is an avid swing dancer, member of the award-winning Galaxie Girls, and all-around amazing person. Through our annual Crowdrise fundraising competition, she has raised over $2,000 to provide free and reduced swing dance programming to kids in Chicago.

Photo by Erin Drewitz Photography

Our Supporters



Individual Donors

These individual donors played a huge role in helping Swing for Kids get off the ground. Thanks!

  • Thomas O’Keefe
  • Lauren Haynes
  • Beth Doyle
  • John Holmstrom
  • Heather Hughes
  • Kevin Kays
  • Gary Koehl
  • Warner McCommons
  • Erin Riley
  • Angela Sarb
  • Priya Shah