PARTNER SWING (10-12 Weeks)


Students learn the basics of Swing dance and how work together with a partner, regardless of differences. Students set a group performance goal and discuss steps needed to achieve it. The high energy instructors, quick pace, engaging music and dance moves get students hooked right away!


The moves get harder and students are challenged to set personal goals, resolve conflicts appropriately, and identify and manage emotions that come with learning a new skill. Our skilled instructors seize immediate opportunities to enhance learning, build on a spontaneous events, and keep students engaged. Students acknowledge each other’s positive qualities and achievements each week with a Peer Tribute.


Students begin to see the outcomes of their hard work and shared goal. Students recognize their personal growth and identify the skills they have learned. Students prepare for their final performance and presentation at the culminating performance at a school-wide assembly!


Our full year curriculum brings to life the history that link the Africanist forms of traditional African dance, Tap Dance, Charleston, Swing and Hip Hop. In each segment, students explore the movement, music, and history through interactive multimedia and dance lessons. Throughout the school year, students have the chance to deeply develop key prosocial skills like goal setting, emotional and behavior management, empathy, effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork.


Students explore traditional African drumming and rhythm instruments and are taught a West African "Welcome Dance" choreography and segments of improvisation using African styling.


Classic tap moves are up next! Students are even provided tap shoes when available! The class choreography continues featuring known tap moves. The students participate in discussions about the history of American Tap Dance, and the importance of the form among youth of the early part of the 20th Century.


Students explore the transition from primarily European social dance forms to break away forms, such as in the Charleston. Students are involved in discussions around the role that historical events associated with the 1920s, like the women's rights and suffrage movement, had on 1920s Charleston dance. Students also research and discuss the differences in cost of living, leisure activities, and games between the 1920s and modern life. The class choreography continues with classic and quirky Charleston moves, like the scarecrow!


In the Swing segments, students are introduced to the concept of "partner dance," working through techniques in incremental steps, culminating in the students mastering a short choreographed sequence. Swing also featured discussions based around musical form and instrumentation. Students discuss the social norms of the time, historical events happening in the United States, and the importance of the dance and music in moving forward integration of public venues and dance clubs like The Savoy Ballroom and The Cotton Club.


The Hip Hop segment is the culmination of the program and discusses the influence of nearly 100 years of dance based on Africanist forms. It features classic break dancing in the 70s and 80s Hip Hop styles. The students highlight their athleticism and learn the techniques necessary to perform some pretty amazing stunts. Students recognize their personal growth and identify the key skills they’ve learned. Students prepare for their final performance and presentation at the culminating performance at a school-wide assembly!


Our instructors will energize your school, office, or organization with a high energy partner Swing Dance lesson. You'll learn the basic steps, short history, and have the chance to social dance at the end. Our workshop curriculum builds in the same team building and communication skills as our full partner swing curriculum and can be geared toward any age!