According to recent news updates, in Puebla state, authorities have declared a state of “extraordinary emergency” in 112 municipalities – equivalent to 51% of the region. The death toll across Mexico has risen to 226 and 39 just in Puebla State. At least 1,700 homes have been declared uninhabitable and should be demolished over coming months, according to the state governor.

Your donation will directly impact swing dancers and their families purchase food, clothing, sheets, towels, toiletries, basic needs, and make home repairs. 100% of your donation through Swing for Kids will be sent directly to these families. We'll post regular updates about them with photos here and on our Facebook page.

If you are unable to donate online, a check or cash donation can be given directly to any Swing for Kids team member in Chicago or the Bay Area or mailed to:

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Cecilia & Diana, two Lindy Hoppers in Puebla, lost their home in the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Cecilia is a 36 year old single mother that first learned to dance in Canada when she was studying there. She is now part of the Puebla dance scene, and introduced her sister, Diana, to swing dance as well. The sisters and child lived together in an apartment building in Puebla that is now uninhabitable after the earthquake.

I'm Natalia. Hello! I am 17 years old and I am in my third year of high school. My experience with Lindy Hop has been very interesting and fun, I have learned a lot. A year ago, my family and I started to build an ecological house with adobe walls and straw. The structure is built with masonry and traditional materials. On September 19, the quake cracked the cargo walls and the columns that support the roof. The only solution is to pull the walls and columns completely down and rebuild them. Otherwise, the roof is going to collapse and destroy what was not destroyed. My family and I truly appreciate any help you could give!

My name is Camila. I'm 17 years old and from Cholula. I have less than a year’s experience in “Lindy Hop Puebla”, but my experience has been very special. Not only have I learned to dance swing and Charleston, but I have met so many interesting people. The members of LHP are amazing people with who have become very special to me.

My name is Mariana. I am 27 and the oldest of three brothers. I'm dedicated to my studies in Language Sciences and have always considered myself a person who can easily cultivate the mind. But, I am rather awkward in matters of the body. At least that's what I thought until I started Lindy Hop just under two months ago. I do not know if I am good, but what is clear is that I have a lot of fun and I feel happy when I dance. I hope to continue it for the rest of my life. Currently though, I have to put dancing aside. My family was greatly affected by the earthquake. Several of my relatives' houses collapsed on September 19, some completely and others leaving very little to salvage. Luckily we all lived to tell our story and have people to support us. We know how truly fortunate we are and are grateful to be together and well. The most vital support we need is economic, because, fortunately, we have many hands willing to help when it comes time to action. Any help will be welcomed and met with heartfelt gratitude.