5 Ways to Help Keep the PARCC Test Anxiety Free

It’s that time of year for schools around the country: standardized test season. No matter what we think about the validity or value of standardized tests, the fact is that kids all around the United States are gearing up to sit for hours on end staring a computer screen or test booklets during the school day. Good news! We have some tangible tips for teachers to help students combat test fatigue, anxiety, and stress, and have a happy and successful school day, despite the PARCC test!

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15 Reasons All Children Should Learn to (Swing) Dance

If you follow Swing for Kids on TwitterInstagram, or Pinterest (which you should!), you've seen our recent posts about Judith Lynne Hanna's "15 Reasons that All Children Should Learn to Dance" originally published in her 1999 book, Partnering Dance and Education. Over the past four decades, Hanna has been conducting research on dance education in urban areas and the meaning of dance in villages and cities in Africa, and theaters, school playgrounds, and classrooms around the world.

Hanna's research strongly supports the need for dance education in public schools, which is something Swing for Kids believes in whole-heartedly. In this post, we'll take Hanna's 15 reason's that all children should learn to dance and put a Swing for Kids spin on it. Enjoy!

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Why Swing for Kids is so Important

Swing for Kids was founded on the idea that social and emotional learning is just as important as academic subjects. We empower kids in our program by cultivating the non-cognitive skills that help kids be successful both personally and academically in the future.

Research shows that explicitly teaching kids skills like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsive decision making lead to positive outcomes. Our curriculum and instruction is rooted in cultivating these five competencies.

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